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In late 2023, I was given the opportunity from fellow HAA Member June Arrington to continue to offer scanning & printing services to the artist community.  I promise to strive to provide the same excellent service and attention to detail as June provided to all of her artists and their work.


At this time, I will be honoring the same pricing that June offered to her clients.  If you have any questions about any of the services listed or not listed, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at: 

Thank You for giving me the opportunity to be entrusted with your amazing artwork!!  

P.S. Photography prints can be done!!  :)


Details & Info~

Exclusive Services

The Process

Art Prints can be handled in two ways, in person throughout the entire process or by drop off.  Most artists like to be included throughout the entire process to make any color corrections in person to avoid any delay for back-and-forth edits/approvals.  The equipment to scan and print your artwork is located in my home in Bel Air.  Scanning & Printing Services are available by appointment only.  Please contact me at: to set something up! 


To place an order for print, please create the file in high resolution, i.e. 300 DPI. Save the file as a .jpeg, .psd or .pdf file and send via email.  Include all information on the email, how many copies, color both sides, the size of the document and shipping information and any other information you feel we need to know.


Giclee Prints Information

Artists may want to create a print that will last for years for the buying public.  This process is called "Giclee"(pronounced gee clay). 


JSP will image scan an original work of art, balance the colors to reflect the original accurately and then produce an archival print that is saleable in the art world market.

The artist can order as few as one print or as many as 100 prints.  They can choose the size of the print and decide whether to print on paper or canvas at a very affordable cost.




To create a print, we take an original piece of artwork and scan it at a very high resolution.  The scan is then color adjusted to match the color of the original work. The artist must realize that nothing relays the color as correctly as a one on one scan of the original.  Here is some of the cost factors for scanning and color correcting.

Original size and pricing:
8 x 10 through 12 x 16 ........$35.00
14 x 18 through 16 x 20 .......$50.00
22 x 30...........................$75.00
23 x 34...........................$100.00

Following the scan and the color matching a file is created and the data archived for future printing.  This process is what allows the artist to order small numbers of prints instead of generating a run of 100 or more.  The artist can get 100 or more if they wish.

Touchup work on an original can be done in a limited number of cases. The touchup work would cost $40.00 an hour, charged by the quarter hour.




Following the scan the artists have a few choices for paper size and type.  Prints can be generated on canvas or paper.  The sizes range from 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper to the larger 17 x 22 paper or canvas.  All papers and inks are archival for longevity.  The largest print JSP can print is an image on a 17 x 22 paper or canvas.  This usually means the image on the paper is approximately 16 x 20 depending on the artwork size submitted by the artists. Pricing for prints runs as follows.

Quality art paper:
  8 1/2 x 11 ...................$10.00 a sheet
  11.6 x 16.7.....................$18.00 a sheet
  13 x 19 ........................$20.00 a sheet
  17 x 22 ........................$32.00 a sheet

Canvas papers:
    8 1/2 x 11 ...................$20.00 a sheet
    13 x 19.......................$34.00 a sheet
    17 x 22.......................$45.00 a sheet

The artists may have a page filled with the same image at the cost of one sheet of paper.  For example, on a 13 x 19 page we can print 2 (TWO) 8 1/2 x 11 images.


Saving files on a disk for the client is $10.00 and Shipping and Handling is paid by the customer.

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