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And so the Adventure Begins....

If you have never been to Longwood Gardens before, do yourself a favor and book a photographer (preferably me ;), get all dolled up and let's go!!!

When Emily's mom, Jen contacted me about photographing her daughter's senior/graduate session, I was more than overjoyed to do so! I mean, my absolute favorite thing to do is to photograph beautiful ladies in beautiful settings so I was all about it!!

Typically, senior sessions are usually shot at the beginning of the senior year or even the summer before, which may give more wiggle room for planning and coordinating with weather, etc...but honestly anytime for a photo session celebrating such an achievement as surviving 12 + years of school (especially in this day and age) is a perfect time! We just needed to find the perfect place!!

So when Jen reached out to me, she was open to locations, they just had one requirement: they wanted it to be pretty, preferably with flowers! There were a few spots in & around Maryland that could serve as a great backdrop for Emily's photos, but I could envision a spot that I knew would be absolutely perfect; Longwood Gardens! I had never been before, but I had always seen such gorgeous portrait photos taken there and I knew that their grounds allowed photography, which nowadays is such a huge plus for us pro photographers, that I was ecstatic when Jen agreed that would be the perfect place!

We met at one of the hottest days of the year! (LOL, well honestly they all feel that way to me)! And as big as Longwood is, I knew I didn't want to be dragging my clients all around the grounds, turning a very hot and muggy day into a miserable experience for them, so I asked around and googled to find the best place to shoot and voila! Not extremely far away was The Conservatory! Which is not only inside, but home to one of the best bathrooms in the country?? (I think that was what they were bragging about?)

While, the inside isn't very air least it was a teeny bit cooler than the outside? It is a greenhouse after all, so maybe not as cool as we had hoped it would be.....but it was definitely cool in aesthetic!! It was one of the most beautiful places, if not most beautiful, I had ever seen!

I think it's safe to say we were all very happy with the location. All in awe of it's beauty! The Conservatory served as a wonderful backdrop for not only Emily's graduation portraits, but also some lovely family photos :) It is impossible to take a bad photo in there!

I cannot wait to go back!!!! Okay....well, that's not true....I can wait until a little bit cooler weather ;)

If you've never visited, take my advice and plan your trip and book your photog and go!!!!

Congratulations Emily on your Class of 2022 Graduation!!!!!

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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