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Sunflowers are Booking Now!!!!

They're baaaaaaaaaaaackkkk!! Well, almost ;) One of Maryland's favorite flowers to take a photo with are blooming soon in Harford County, and we are R E A D Y for them!!!!

According to the Miller's Farm facebook page, the flowers should emerge their big beautiful sunny heads within 2-3 weeks and I personally cannot wait!

Sunflower Minis are a VERY popular theme for the ever popular photo shoot mini sessions and honestly 15-20 minutes among these bee loving beauties is more than enough time to capture some superb shots worthy of not only your social media pages, but also your wall! They are truly a perfect backdrop for some updated family photos!!

So grab your loved one(s) or friends and make a trip up to White Hall in Harford County to marvel at nature's smile inducing field of sunshine, and to pose and/or NOT pose for some fresh new photos with yours truly!

My calendar is open and ready for all the smiles!!

Can't wait to see you there!



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